Friday, December 11, 2009

Another Christmas Present Completed

I'm working here trying to complete my Christmas presents. I have a zealous agenda and I'm hoping to get to everything and get everything done.

A while back I posted about my client finding an abandon fawn on the road. She nurtured this girl (even taking her to the vet once) like a baby.

Finally the fawn was old enough to roam on her own though she'd come back every evening to feed and sleep. The goal was to eventually release her back to her natural home.

One night Juanita Faye failed to return for her evening feeding. They searched for her for awhile and finally found her dead. Apparently a predator had taken advantage of Juanita Faye's innocence.

In honor of Juanita Faye I made this frame up as a Christmas gift for my client. I hope I did justice to her memory.
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Cards Are Done!

I finished 32 Christmas cards in 2 days. I'm still about 5 short but I need to get on to other projects I want to make for Christmas gifts. The majority of my cards were stamped and colored...
thought some I used clear glitter stickers. The stickers were left over from another project and they worked great for a quick card idea.
I put my Cuttlebug to work also. After a while I got tired of stamping and coloring and wanted to speed up the project and the Cuttlebug allowed me to do just that.
This is my main card for this season as we live and work on a wildlife ranch. I try to find a image that relates to our lifestyle and this one with the deer worked. The inside of the card I computer generated "Merry Christmas to our deer friends". Quite fitting don't you think?
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Been MIA

Well perhaps I haven't been posting lately but I HAVE been busy crafting.

This is a page (February) from a calendar I'm working on for my son. Each year I make him a calendar for his cubicle at work. So far I have 5 pages done and this one is my favorite.

Back to my craft room, I have lots to do before Christmas.
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