Sunday, March 25, 2012

Photoless Scrapbooking

I've created a scrapbook as a wedding gift. I've never met the happy couple and all I know about the wedding is their colors and the theme of the wedding (western). It is both easy and hard scrapping for "non-scrappers". First off I find I have to include photo mats as I'm not sure how creative a person who never scrapped would be. In adding mats the space is limited as the mats are a tad larger then 4x6.That is the hard part

The easy part is not having to journal. That would probably be my biggest hangup in scrapping is deciding what I want to say.

For this book I tried to "theme" the pages so the recipients would guess as to what pictures flow with the layout.

I must admit I'd prefer to do scrapbooks which include pictures. I rather like the idea of assorted shapes and sizes of photos. Also being able to overlap embellies onto the photo makes for a nice touch. Anyway, this gift is in a box and ready for giving.