Saturday, July 19, 2008

Moose Me?

Here is a favorite card of mine. I recently found the wonderful shopping site of Hanna Stamps and fell in love with the large collection of moose stamps. Being from Texas my first purchase, of course, had to be the cowboy moose.

I used my Cuttlebug (again) to emboss the paisleys on the blue cardstock and then I complimented that with the paisley printed paper. I colored the moose with markers and colored pencils. The sentiments I also bought from Hanna Stamps and the inside of this card reads "I'm moosing you". Too cute to resist!
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Just Because

Here is the most recent addition to my collection. This card was a bit more labor intensive than others but I'm pleased with the way it turned out. I used my Cuttlebug to emboss the squares, can't get enough of that Cuttlebug. So many card samples lately have been made in the 6x6 format and I find myself following suit. There are two drawbacks to 6x6 cards, one is the increased cost in postage (it cost me .59 to mail) and the fact I have to make my own envelopes and I don't get excited making envelopes. I do use Envelope Companion to create my envelopes but I still find it time consuming and less than exciting.
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Card A Day

These pictures were taken at my Mom's house of the cards I've sent her.

You see after my Dad died in April my Mom found herself lost. My sister and son who live close by visit her but for me, living in Texas, I too wanted to do something to lift her spirits. I came up with this idea to send her a homemade card a day. It has been about 45 days since that first card arrived in her mailbox and she is totally loving it. I have had such a good time challenging myself to keep the creative juices endlessly flowing and my Mom has a new hobby, stalking the mailman. These pictures are of her kitchen louver doors where she hangs her cards and once the door is filled she takes off the "oldest" card, puts it in a shoebox and replaces it with the new one. This has been so fulfilling. If you happen to know someone who may be lonesome try this, it is wonderful!
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Friday, July 4, 2008

We're Back...

Jeff and I have just returned home from a trip to Albuquerque New Mexico. Jeff bowled in the Nationals Tourney up there. Although he didn't win any big money bowling and I spent to much money at the casino we still had a wonderful time.

I managed to find one of two scrapbook stores in Albuquerque called Memory Lane. They had an awesome selection of stamps and of course all the latest and greatest supplies. I picked up a few "must haves" while there.

Now it's back to scrapping and cardmaking. Prior to going away I had been on a quest to make and mail my Mom in Michigan a card everyday. I have succeeded in doing this for the last 30 days and Mom is so enjoying it. Mom even sent me a book of stamps because she didn't want me to run out LOL. While I was away my sister took over so Mom wouldn't miss a thing. My plan for the weekend is to get in my scrapbook room and replenish my card inventory so come Monday morning I can get right back on track.

Hope all of you are enjoying the 4th of July relaxing with family and friends.
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