Saturday, September 20, 2008

Leon's 30th Birthday

Last month (August 11th) my son Leon (who lives in Michigan) celebrated his 30th birthday. I decided to give him a surprise birthday party. Planning started long before in February when I booked my airline flight to Michigan. I can't believe we were able to keep it all a secret! Leon didn't even know that I was coming for a visit, that's how under wraps we kept it.

I wanted to share just 2 pictures with you from that day. The one is Leon's initial surprise reaction when he came down the basement (we had the party at my Mom's house) and everyone yelled surprise. The other is a pic of me and Leon. We had a wonderful time and we created a ton of memories some I will hold in my heart forever and the rest I will scrapbook.
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Beach said...

Good looking so do not look old enough to have 30 year old son. I am only two years older than he is. Do you have a hard time keeping secrets or just from him?
:) Heather